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Strengthening Circuit For Back and Core

Strengthening Circuit For Back and Core

Back issues (tightness, pain etc) can be a real drag. It takes away our zing and usually mean time off from exercise. If we address the issue of weakness (usually in the glutes, back and core) we can generally ditch the pain and get up and moving. It’s that whole prevention is better than cure idea. Obviously, you’ll need to get to a specialist if you pain gets worse after rest The circuit I’ve devised below is perfect for strengthening the upper and lower back plus the core. The 4 moves are designed to be performed in a circuit type format (ie. one after the other) and can be done in the gym or even in your lounge room. You can purchase a loop resistance band from HART sport (great quality and range!)

You can add in some lower back stretching and foam rolling to boost this workout.

Let’s get into it!


  1. 4 Point Stance

2. Pulldown

3. Plank variation (hand touches shoulder)

4. Clam using loop resistance band

Watch each video for visual guidance, perform each move for 15 reps (each side if applicable) and start with 2-3 rounds and work up to 5-6 rounds with rest in between sets if needed. These moves are move about form rather than rushing through to get them done. Slow and steady wins the race here.

Other moves you can add: Hip thrust, lower ab heel taps, side band walks and standing band rows

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