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Sugarfree Lamington Smoothie

You bloody ripper!

On the 26th of January, Australia get’s all patriotic and celebrates their National Day. I’m down for embracing Aussie traditions, especially of the food variety. Enter king snag! The perfect accompaniment to a snag on white bread (with my sugarfree tomato sauce), is a lamington! Rather than taint my sugar free temple of a body with your traditional lamington cake, I’ve gone for a healthy spin on the adored Aussie dessert. It’s Chocolately, it’s coco-nutty and even has a delightful cakey flavour too. Behold: The 50DaysNoSugar Lamington Smoothie.

Serves 1 sheila or bloke


1 cup Natural Raw C Coconut water
¼ cup coconut cream or milk
2 tbsp Loving Earth cacao powder
2 tbsp almond meal
Stevia (vanilla liquid drops, I used 4 drops)
coconut shreds to pretty it up
7-10 ice cubes
Whizz together in a kitchen blender on high till frothy, sprinkle with coconut, put on your cork hat, some zinc and go sit in the sun. 

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