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Sunday Pancakes

Pancakes have to be one of the best weekend breakfast’s would you agree? They go hand in hand with peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (a favourite of mine) and not to mention a roast dinner! “Arggggh but don’t all those foods make you like so so fat?” I hear you say…..

I love food and I practice moderation. I no longer binge on junk food, sugary, high carb foods with no health benefits. I’ve eliminated every diet, low fat or non fat from my fridge and cupboards. My food choices leave me filling nourished and ready to start my day with gusto, plus I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I have a general idea about my calorie intake but I choose foods with higher fat, protein levels to carbohydrate levels. I include lots of fresh veg, 1-2 pieces of fruit per day and I watch my alcohol levels. I don’t overtrain and stress my body out- I NOURISH IT. Fat, good quality fat (coconut oil, organic butter, fish, seeds, nuts, olive oils, avocado, meats, offal, etc) will satisfy your body and brain. Did you know your brain is made of more than 50% fat? Yes, we need carbs also but choosing them from a greener/wholegrain source has increased health benefits.  Ditching sugar has made the biggest impact on my health and body (and I know I repeat this a lot but it’s true). Foods with a higher fat content and virtually no sugar impact my body (and yours) in a very different way. Fat nourishes, “oils” you up and set’s the taste buds on fire. Sugar, sends your insulin levels skyrocketing and as a former sugar abuser (that’s someone who eats it daily- juice, lollies, high sugar cereal, pastries, cakes, donuts, coffee/tea’s with sugar, energy drinks and soft drinks. Sugar is sending people into early grave, just the same as excess calorie consumption and lack of exercise is. If only more people could make the simple change of avoiding added sugars and choosing the lowest possible sugar content in the foods they buy daily, the impact on their health would be noticed. Not within 3 days but overtime. We started the challenge on 1st July 2012 and I still get feedback from people telling me how great they feel and they regret not starting sooner.

I digress, we must get to these pancakes!

So pancake batter- the ones you buy in the supermarket tend to be filled with sugar, processed white flours and other stabilisers to keep them on pantry shelves for so long. My pancakes take possibly 1 min more to make than the supermarket variety but they taste one million times better and will not send you back to sleep after eating them.

I think pancakes are best enjoyed on the weekend and also when your activity levels are high. I’ve included some banana and berries for sweetness (and before someone starts harping on about fruit containing sugar and did I know blah blah. I’ll stop them on their nutritional rampage and refer them to my plan where it clearly states fruit is allowed in moderation and I’ve also discussed the banana issue several times- I don’t advise consuming them daily as they are high fructose, high sugar but I’m not against adding a 1-2 into your week (after completing 50 Days first), on the days where activity is high. There are many, many lower sugar fruits to include in your daily fruit intake. Understand, the more you do to maintain even blood sugar levels, the better the outcome of feeling energised and on an “even keel” for the whole day.

I follow a really simple rule of thumb for pancakes: 1 cup liquid, 1 cup flour and I cup fruit plus a little butter or oil for lubrication!

There is a similar recipe in 50DaysNoSugar eBook 2, using quinoa flour.


Makes 6

1 cup Oat flour ( i.e blitz 1 cup oats up to a fine flour like texture)
1 cup coconut cream (can use milk, unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk)
1 small banana*
3/4 cup raspberries*

*Don’t be afraid to experiment with other fruit: nectarines, plums, rhubarb, blueberries……

My fruit was frozen because I buy it seasonally and cheap to use in my smoothies. I just chopped it all finely and popped it in a heated fry pan with a little coconut oil and sauteed them till they were heated and soften.

Next, add flour and cream together. Stir and you will have your slurry (I love that word…slurry!)

Clean out the fry pan you use for the fruit and add some more coconut oil (you can also use butter), let it heat up and then drop large table spoons of the mixture into the pan. Of course, Murphy’s law will have it that your first pancake turns out terrible and then the rest slowly get better and better. I have no patience for getting my pancakes perfect- I’m too impatient to eat them.

 The fruit can be topped over the pancakes along with a drizzle of extra coconut cream! The addition of coconut cream adds sweetness and richness.

Enjoy, my fellow foodies!

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