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Sweet Nothings: More 50DaysNoSugar Desserts

Enter the desserts! No woman or man should have to go without so as per usual you’ve all been catered for. Low sugar, easy to prepare, kiddie friendly. Moderation is key when enjoying the sweeter things in life and satisfaction is guaranteed!  

Mille Feuille 

Ok, so we don’t have oozing sugary custard and squiggly chocolate in this one but you know what? It is simply divine without it. 

This take on a classic was made by one of my super smart clients and 50DaysNoSugar follower, Lauren. She’s a little whizz in the kitchen and loves creating low sugar options to impress me! She can enjoy all her creations without missing out on dessert time. 

MAKES 3 Serves


4 pieces of puff pastry (store bought is fine)
punnet strawberries and raspberries
passion fruit (pulp)
1 vanilla bean
(*stevia optional)

Cut puff pastry (use good quality store brought) into 4 even rectangle pieces and place in oven for 15mins at 200•C
When puff pastry is done slice each piece in half to create 2 slices (leave to cool)

Whip up 1 cup of single cream and add a vanilla bean 

Place each piece of puff onto a plate and layer with cream and chopped strawberries, layer again with second piece of puff, cream and raspberries on top followed by passionfruit.

Super Slurpee

We all know those gas station slurpees do have appeal, especially when disgustingly hungover (hey…we’ve all been there!) however even though now my days are spent living in sugar free land, I still need that slushie, cool, fruity goodness a frozen drink provides. Enter the 50DaysNoSugar Slurpee! 

150g – 200g Frozen fruit (Watermelon flesh and pear with the skin and all came along to the party for this one)
330ml Natural Raw C coconut water (add less to thicken it)
High power blender or hand mixer

Place chopped fruit in with Raw C and blender till smooth! Easy, cheaper and less nasties than your typical sugar filled slurpee!

Really refreshing after a workout too! 

I’m a bit of a sucker for anything lemon and one thing that “shit’s me” about avoiding sugar is no more meringues…seriously how good is lemon meringue pie? It’s virtually impossible to re-create stiff peak meringues without sugar. I definitely don’t want to use a granulated sugar substitute because I only ever recommend sweetening food with stevia if needed. So I’ve created this bad boy with those lemon meringuey flavours in mind plus the biscuity base but with my little twists. It’s gluten free too. Enjoy! 

Lemon-meriguey-pie-cheesecake morphed goodness

These are solo serves

3/4 cup Greek Yoghurt (full fat and flavour filled!) 
Lemon juice (from a small lemon will do)
Lemon rind
Few tbsp’s each of Almond meal and unsweetened coconut shreds

In a tall glass layer almond meal, squeeze lemon juice (don’t worry if you put a little too much, the almond meal drinks it up) Greek yoghurt, coconut shreds then lemon rind. Repeat for a second layer and then whack in the fridge to set a little and let that lemon infuse into the yoghurt

NEW Challengers WANTED for the next round of 50DaysNoSugar Challenge, 1st September 2013. Jump on board!

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