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Swissball Exercises: Flat Abs & Tight Butt

Swissball training is not dead! It’s alive and well. These 3 core and butt strengthening exercises are easy to master and offer great results. Hello flat tummy and tight butt! 

Prone leg raises: Butt lifting bonus

Position yourself so that you are balanced on the ball evenly. Have equal weight on both arms (these will help stabilise you), engage your abs and squeeze your glutes, lifting your legs off the floor. Hold for 3 secs and lower down to start position. Aim for 12 reps, 3-4 sets. You can place a dumbbell in between your feet to increase the difficulty. 

Prone ball roll: Abs of steel anyone?

This move targets those upper abs and by making sure your draw your navel to spine, it’ll hit those pesky low abs also. With your elbows on the ball roll the ball out 30-40cms. Try to keep your shoulder blades pulled down to your feet and really let the abs do the work. Keep a strong lower back but tucking your pelvis under. slowly return and repeat. Great for your low rise jeans and tight fitting dresses or high waisted skirts . Try 10-12 roll outs for 3-4 sets. Need a tougher challenge? Pop up onto your toes 

Pike on Ball: Challenging for the upper body also!

A tough move but well worth the effort of mastering. Place hands on the ground and both feet on the swiss ball. This move will target the mid section big time with the added bonus of improving balance and upper body strength! You will start in this push up position. Next, drive the hips up towards the ceiling and feel a lengthening of the hamstrings (similar to a deadlift), hold for 3 seconds then slowly lower yourself back to the start position. Repeat 10-12 times for a total of 3-4 sets. Keep hips level. 

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