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Target Those Female Trouble Spot Areas

The other day I posed a question to my FB followers, I knew there would be a flurry of responses and it would also be worthwhile giving you my feedback and tips.

So the question was:

Ladies, what are your main trouble spot areas on your body?

And then came the answers!

Butt, thighs, back of arms, tummy, back fat, jiggly bits all over

And MY responses below. Note: These a quick solutions and not based on personalised/individual recommendations, however I’m sure you’ll find them handy. With regards to reps and sets just focus on building strength in the area first- so aim for 3-4 sets at 8-12 RM


1) Try HIIT running sprints. I have a HIIT program here  

2) Good mornings/step ups/single leg hip extensions (all these exercises can be googled and it’s good for you to start researching this for yourself!)

Good mornings

Single leg ext.

3) Try varying your squats stance (wide, really close and normal hip distance). I’m quite a fan of a close stance squat these days

Narrow squats: Try this as a progression from normal stance squats, if great for balance and hitting legs/glutes at a different range/angle.


1) Assess stress levels/hormone levels. Great website for hormonal issues here  

2) Diet? Is there any attributing to extra bulge- gluten, sugar, excess calories, wine etc. Try my eating plan 

3) Try core tightening exercises not adbdominal building i.e avoid crunches/sit ups go for hanging knee raises, bicycle ab move & woodchop (again, google these)

Hanging knee raises 


1) Make sure you have proper glute activation. I’ve got a Butt Beautification program that includes this 

2) Try Heavy lying hip extension/single leg deadlift (google these) 

Single leg deads

3) Avoid excessive cardio, weights are your butt’s friend. Building your gluteal shape is want you want not getting rid of muscle fibre 


1) Pulldowns & Pull ups 

Lat Pulldowns

2) Medium & Heavy Rows (all variations) 

3) Switch your cardio to include rowing,  to focus on pulling movements and help attack that back area. Posture is important too, always sit up straight, shoulder blades together and pulled down.


1) Again, hormonal fat storage area, check levels

2) Look at overall fat intake of the diet, perhaps this needs to be decreased, also check carbohydrate level are you consuming too many carbs for your activity intake 

3) Overhead tricep extension and assisted dips or bench dips are two great exercises 

Overhead tricep cable extension

Tricep dips, assisted on pull up machine

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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