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The Do Anywhere Workout

Yep, you read correctly. Do. Anywhere. Workout.

Full body and guaranteed to get you hot, sweaty and a little bit sexy too, maybe even reallllll sexy. Don’t blame me though

I love these style of workouts because they are easy to do anywhere (hence the name!) and get rid of most excuses. They are a fun challenge and you can try it on holiday: on sand, in your hotel room or outdoors like me.

And it goes a little something like this,

1. 60 knees on the spot

2. 50 squats

3. 40 sec of plank hold

4. 30 skaters

5. 20 reverse lunges

6. 10 full push ups

Repeat 6-8 times, if you are a total beginner try resting at the end of each set. This will push you.
Glutton for punishment? Add a 400m run at the end of each set


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