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The Dream Team Shares Week 3 50DaysNoSugar

Nat here! Our 50DaysNoSugar Dream Team have been facing their sugar fears head on! Ducking and diving, getting lost in the moment then recovering. Read about their week below. Did YOU struggle with Week 3? Share in the comments section below. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook also, it’s a happening kinda place!

Nikki writes:

Oh my! Oh my!  I am struggling!  I just want one choccie biscuit!!  Being with a 7 month old a 3 year old all day, definitely triggers my cravings for everything bad for me… I haven’t smoked for years and find myself wanting one of them after a stressful day.  And well, for sugar – it always seems like the lesser of evils when it comes to a bad habit. 

I am trying to change my way of thinking and keep reminding myself of what negative effect sugar has on my body and how much better I will feel physically and mentally if I can make it through the next 35 days.   After a slip up and a piece of pizza later, I left myself feeling guilty and a bit deflated last week.  The scary thing was that I didn’t even think about it, this is how much I love pizza!!  How ridiculous.. I thought.  I have been very conscious with everything I have eaten and my family turns up with a pizza and I don’t even think about it. 

I was going to quit the 50daysnosugar challenge that night and had doubts about how focused I could stay.  A major contributor to my stress has been my sleepless nights caused my 7 month old who has decided to wake every 2 hours through the night for the last four weeks!
After a little bit of time out and reflection, I have decided to continue and not give up.  The benefits of practising self-control, completing the challenge and learning some better life choices far outweighs the immediate satisfaction of giving into my cravings. 
So, start of week three and I am back feeling positive and confident that I can remain sugar free for the remainder of the challenge.  Exercise has been consistent, mood swings have decreased, energy fluctuates (welcome to motherhood), headaches have gone (yay) and bloating has disappeared. 
This week coming, my goal is to be a little bit stricter on my fat intake.  I was definitely enjoying a bit more fat to help with the loss of sugar! 

Paula writes:

Hello fellow challengers!

Can you believe it? Another week done and dusted! Time is flying. I wish I could say that the week went by without incident but if I said that, I would be lying.

On Saturday, a beautiful friend of mine celebrated her 30thbirthday but inviting us all to High Tea at The Langham Hotel in Melbourne (gorgeous hotel FYI). The spread was amazing! Treats as far as the eye could see and even a chocolate fountain. I had a plan… drink lots of beautiful tea and just have a little nibble… after all it cost her a lot per head to have us there. I had some little ribbon sandwiches followed by a scone. It was all delicious and at this stage I was fine. I wasn’t hungry anymore yet, the former junk food addict in me kept calling me to the dessert table. And I listened… and I went… I picked up a small meringue, a teensy lemon tart and a macaroon. I didn’t eat the whole macaroon but I did eat the little tart and the meringue. About half an hour later as we were getting ready to leave I realised I felt a bit funny and my legs were shaking.   Instantly I knew this was the sugar. I felt a bit strange in the car on the way home but later as I was preparing a dish to take to drinks at my neighbour’s house, I realised my hands were shaking. I felt pretty awful but true to form, when were at drinks later, I continued to nibble. Cheese, bickies, meatballs, blah, blah ,blah. I don’t even think I was hungry.
The next morning was I completely RS! I felt like I had a hangover and I had a very angry digestive system. I dragged myself to Body Step at the gym and am amazed I didn’t vomit in the middle of class. Even after class as I ate my breakfast I thought I was going to be sick. And it’s not that I ate stupid amounts of food on Saturday but it comes down to the fact that I ate all the wrong things and my body flipped out.  I had been without any added sugar for 2 weeks and once that stuff hit my system it was like red rag to a bull. Hunger signals out of whack, digestive system out of whack and even now after 2 sugar free days, I am feeling the effects.  My body felt like it had swelled up. I went from feeling firm and strong on Saturday to feeling puffy and lethargic yesterday, and I wasn’t imagining it. My body had a full blown freak-out.
So what now? Do I continue on like this and let sugar back into my life? Hell to the no!! This day highlighted, just how dangerous a drug sugar really is. It showed me that it messes with my digestive system more than I ever realised and any additive that has the power to make my legs and hands shake has no place in my diet… EVER!! So it is straight back into lots of tea and water and fresh food for me and a killer workout in the gym tonight! And straight back into planning with a refresher of the 7 Day Plan (which you can find at… And I just need to remember why I am doing this… I want to look and feel AWESOME!!
Oh and if you need a fresh, healthy, delicious and impressive looking snack to take to someone’s house, pop ½ a cherry tomato, a piece of fresh basil and a bambini bocconcini on a toothpick and Bob’s your uncle! They look amazing and taste even better!  And while you’re at it, grab a copy of the 50DaysNoSugar 7 day Plan and get the recipe for Nat’s Lamb and Tahini meatballs – great little snack with some hummus. Yum!!
I hope you all have a great week. I get my measurements and body fat % checked on Saturday after a month on a new training program so I look forward to sharing my results with you next week!

Sara writes:

Sugar is a sneaky thing. Just when I think I’m all over this program it makes a surprise appearance. 

I was at a birthday party for a 2 year old. My little girl was sick & therefore not eating much of anything when I decided to offer her some of the birthday cake. She rarely gets treats like this, but it was a special occasion & I figured after 24 hours without food anything was a better option for her.
Well true to form Worm refused the cake and I found myself nibbling it down whilst trying to settle her & maintain a conversation with friends. Although it was delicious & obviously not something I would eat or offer to my child regularly the fact that I mindlessly ate this piece of cake concerns me. As I reflected on the days events I realised that this wasn’t my first indiscretion with our enemy sugar. I had happily munched on the fruit platters and had even indulged    in a chocolate crackle before noticing what I was doing. 
Now I have mentioned in previous weeks that the 80/20 rule works well for me, so I won’t beat myself up for this hour of whimsy however I have gone back to double checking & tracking everything this week. 
My physio has had me on restricted activity this week in an attempt to get my foot properly healed from when I hurt it in the half marathon a month ago. So my exercise has again been lighter than I would like. 
I have tried to reduce my food consumption accordingly & so the scales have remained my friends. 
The home made kale & sweet potato chips were a huge success and so simple to make. 
I simply chopped the Kale & removed any chunky stalk, used a peeler to cut the sweet potato into crisps. Then I laid them all out on a baking tray. I gave a quick spray with EVOO & a little sprinkling of salt and then baked in a 180 degree oven for about 15 minutes. The result delicious low sugar low cal treats. 

Let me know on twitter using the hash tag #50DaysNoSugar what your favourite home made low sugar treats are. 
Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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