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THE Secret To Success

Are you ready?

I’m about to reveal it!

It is THE secret to success

It’s why so many fail…all because of this…ready?

Seriously?……are you ready

Doing! Ta-Dah!

Doing is the secret. The act of moving, talking, designing, thinking and whatevering.

Here’s a snippet about me, I can be a procrastinator. I’m the “I’m too busy girl” and sometimes I’m the “That looks really crap what person x is doing, if I did that I do it this way or that way”.  I’m the fifty million ideas girl. I over chunk (Thanks to my Fitspiration Seminar buddy, Fab for that one!). I let too many “things” get in my way or process too many options or scenarios that may or may not happen. Not doing can really get in the way of achieving anything remotely important.

Why am I telling you this?

Because If I do it…I bet you do to.

Do you schedule workouts in your diary and at the first opportunity let someone twist your arm into an after work drink instead of a session of sweat?

Do you write down goals but never really action them?

Do you update your Facebook status as a delay tactic to miss your gym class?

Do you dream of a banging body and just can’t seem to stop eating donuts?

Do you sleep in when your alarm goes off?

Do you start a healthy eating plan for a week and then get in a huff when it “doesn’t work”?

Yes, yes and yes I hear you cry! So how do we fix our little problem?

We DO! That’s right we DO. We take action on the things we want to achieve

I know this comes as no surprise but if you don’t DO the things you set out to DO, you’ll never get anywhere. You can’t get fit lying on the couch. You can’t get a promotion by being a slack ass. You won’t see the world if you don’t jump on a plan and travel. You won’t find the man of your dreams with your head shoved in the toilet bowl after a big drinking and partying session (well maybe he’s holding your hair back but that’s super rare!).  You don’t WIN by making excuses.

What is the main difference between Do-ers and non Do-er’s?


Positive outlook
Well presented
Take action
Hungry for a challenge
Happy and fun to be around

Non Do-er’s

Negative, “why me” outlook
Messy, Unorganised
Life is “boring” to them
Excuse makers
Lacks substance

You get the point!

It’s time to adjust your channel (your attitude). Put one foot in front of the another and keep that momentum going. See the good in achieving your outcome. Stop focusing on the hard aspects of your goal. The people that achieve awesome stuff are really no better or worse than you, they are simply DO-ers. See the world in a positive light, hang around people who you aspire to be like or you inspire you. Ditch the nay-sayers or negative people. Don’t press the snooze button. DO more DOING!

I believe in YOU!!!

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