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The Things Youre Doing Wrong With Your Eating Plan

The Things Youre Doing Wrong With Your Eating Plan

Whilst this is funny and we all know the feeling, there’s a reason restrictive diets don’t work long term.

I work with clients to get more varied “diet” or meal plan options. Incorporating everyday foods and “treat/special” foods- including chocolate, alcohol, restaurant meals etc. I generally try to steer people away from the “eat this on this exact day at this exact time” mentality.

I can always guarantee people will try to be hardcore restrictive with the hope of getting to their goals faster but experience tells me it’s counter productive. Permanent lifestyle changes coupled with solid goals not fluffy ones and consistency will change a client mentally and physically.

Let’s look at a few things that will help you get long term results with changing your body

  1. Stop talking about it: You are annoying everybody with your “my body is temple” bullshit. You need to back it off, lady. Not everyone wants to hear how fantastic your new diet plan is..every second of the day. We get it you, are trying to keep the motivation going strong but sometimes it’s better to be seen and not heard. Let your actions do the talking as opposed to you trying to convert everybody.
  2. Ditch the fads: Fads don’t work long term. Never eat chocolate again? Not have a sip of red wine ever, ever, never? No bread to pass through your lips again? No, you are shooting yourself in the foot (or guts) before you’ve even started. Get in line with 1) reducing portion sizes in general and 2) Assessing your plate and asking yourself: do I see protein, fats and carbs? Below is a great guide to portion correctly  a38ddf07e960d4a0c7b27249803d5c24
  3. Be Patient: Finding your flow with healthy eating can be tricky and it needs constant work. You essentially want to get to a point where you don’t need to really think about it, it’s more a second nature thing- experts refer to this as intuitive eating- knowing what your body needs and eating accordingly to nourish and fill not gorge.
  4. It’s not just about less food and more exercise: Our bodies require adequate sleep/rest, simulation and emotional support. When we fail to deliver on these key things- we are out of whack. I feel like our bodies are both simplistic and complicated structures, once we find the right balance we fire on all cylinders and on the flip side bash the body around and eventually it will rebel. It’s the boss.
  5. Weekend smash and grab: Binge eating on the weekend is many people’s major downfall when it comes to weight loss. They are text book eaters and movers during the week but as soon as that weekend rolls up, out come the stretchy pants and exercise comes to a standstill. You’ve got to be consistent if you want results its as simple as that. Adopting the “I’ll get back into on Monday” attitude means your results take longer and the good/bad cycle still remains in your psyche. By all means change up your routine on the weekend in terms of exercise and enjoy a few treats but if you’ve already allowed yourself treats/snacks that you consider “sometimes food” then you’ll need to apply the brake come the weekend. My personal preference is to enjoy treats whenever they happen and not have a schedule to them- they aren’t programmed into my diet, if they crop up (like a party) I enjoy myself and then I get straight back into “normal mode”

Success at weight loss isn’t total rocket science, like many things in life, it’s the pressure/importance we put on it. Keep it basic, keep focused and set short term goals to keep you on track.

I’d love to hear how you have succeeded with your weight loss journey, let me know below any tips that have helped you   

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