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Time Poor? Get Fit Fast!

A lot of us are crunched for time. We are busy peeps: socialising, ferrying kids around, busting our butts for that promotion or trying to keep a tidy house. In my experience, the first thing to go when we are under the pump, is our workout. I’m all about providing real solutions for real people, not far fetched ideas that you simply will find impossible to implement. Here’s a few ways to get fit fast:

1. Stop wasting time on daily ab workouts. Your core will “work” in moves like the deadlift, squat and chin ups. Rather than spending 10 mins on sit ups and crunches after your base workout, include these functional moves (deads, squats and chin ups) and you can leave the abs for once or twice per week

2. Hire a trainer! It’s amazing what a quick 30 minute blast can do for your body, mentally and physically. If you just want to put your head down and bum up then hire a PT to do the thinking for you. Leave it up to them to work your whole body, organise all your weights/stations and you can just DO. Sah easy!

3. Swap the long cardio sessions for a quick HIIT session instead. Here’s 5 HIIT workouts you can do. You can even do a 4 min Tabata session. Seriously, I’m sure you have 4 mins? Here’s a sample Tabata workout 

4. Have a gym setup at home. You don’t need to spend loads of money on expensive equipment like the gyms have or will you have to spend time driving to and from the gym. Get yourself a skipping rope, kettlebell and a mat. BOOM instant gym. If you can go a little more luxe, add these: a few sets of different sized dumbbells (3kg, 5kg, 8kg), an olympic bar (20kg plus some 5kg and 10 kg) plates or  few heavier kettlebells, a TRX suspension trainer and a swiss ball. All of this will easily store in your garage or under the bed (if you are a little crowded). Your swiss ball can double as your office chair!

5. If you are a walker, add these 4 exercises along the way and get some resistance in to your routine. You can do the whole thing in 45 minutes or cut it down to 20 if you are pushed for time!

6. Think about a food delivery service. If you simply suck at preparing healthy, lean meals then get someone to do it for you. Yes it’s a little more expensive than getting all your groceries and prepping it but it does save time. If you simply don’t have that 1-2 hour per week to spend on your food, outsource!  I love Fit Fresh Meals. If you just want meals delivered but are happy to cook, I love My Food Bag.

7. Ditch the machine weights and opt for dumbbell exercises. Lots of you waste time at the gym waiting around for people to finish their sets on the weighted gym equpiment. Let me give you the heads up, the dude that says he is finishing up is still going to be aaaages! Virtually every exercise is transferable or you can try something new. Look here, lady:

Leg Press or ext machine: Squat or step ups with dumbbells
Lat pull down: Pullover or one arm row with dumbbells on a bench or swiss ball
Leg curl: Reverse lunges or hip thrusts
Chest press or bench: Flyes with dumbbells or chest press with dumbbell
Ab crunch machine: Swiss ball roll outs or planks

If you workout from home, get yourself  a TRX trainer and workout your whole body with one suspension system. They are awesome. More details here

8. Listen up, I know it’s my job to kick your butt with workouts and exercise but did you know if you focused your attention on your diet you’d be doing more than half the work? Yep, you heard right, your diet and the changes or pigging out you do really affects your results in the long run. So, when you are time crunched if you tighten the reins on your diet so to speak you should lessen the impact of the kilos creeping on.

9. See a workout in all locations. Seriously, I’m not a freak but I can see a workout in any location. Beach- soft sand running. Water- swimming. Gym- Well gym (weights and the like). Park- outdoor circuit. Hills- Hill sprints. Kids Playground- core and arms circuit. Hotel room- chair workout. Home- resistance band workout and so on. There are endless possibilities just don’t be tied down to only working out in a gym!

10. Multi-tasking! The thing us women do best. So you don’t want to wet your pants or dribble when you workout do you? Now you may wince but the reality is, loads of women have really weak pelvic floor muscles and suffer incontinence. Don’t for one minute believe you need to spend your life in Tena lady pads. No, no, no. You will strengthen those weak muscles and then go about your life with confidence and poise (not sponsored LOL). Your pelvic floor muscles can be weakened through pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, being overweight, heavy lifting, back pain or just naturally weak from early age. Training your pelvic floor will help you strength those muscles and also improve bladder and bowel control. See your doctor if your problem are persistent even after undertaking strengthening exercises. Next time you are sitting in the car driving or standing in line try this Kegel exercises:

Imagine your pelvic floor as an elevator shaft. It sits on the ground floor completely relaxed, then it goes to level one (squeeze and hold for a few seconds), keep the tension and go to level 2 hold again and keep moving up the “floors. Try 5-6 floors and then rest. 

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