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Vicious Vices: Alcohol

I love sharing Real-life stories with readers. It seems to make all the changes we are going through all the more worth while. It’s nice to read a story that isn’t fabricated but very achievable.

Finally my nagging has paid off! Here is an interview with Marcelo, Father of two, Managing Partner of Cohort Digital, A client of New Outlook Fitness for over two years; about his vice, Alcohol.

1. What vice have you given up and why? I Gave up Alcohol to improve health and work capacity. It’s been 11 months and still going strong

2. How do you feel? Incredible!!

3. Has it affected anything in your life Positively? Negatively? I sleep more soundly, have bundles more energy, manage about 60hrs work a week without blinking and train twice a week without feeling lethargic in the mornings. Also, getting up earlier means I see more of my children! The only downside is that I find I get a little bored at parties come about midnight and have had to perfect the art of appearing interested in wide-eyed drunken ramblings. I guess I know what it feels like now!! The upside of that though, is that I can get anyone home at pretty much any time as designated driver!!

4. Since giving up your vice what results/changes have you seen? Simply put, I’m fitter. More aware and alert. I don’t suffer any form of stress. I’m more productive than I’ve ever been before and actually happier.

5. Would you recommend it to others? I’d highly recommend doing a 3 – 6 month stint initially. There’s never a good time as there’s always a 30th or a party or a festive event of some kind, but I’d recommend preparation. Find the soft drinks that are going to be your staples through the period. Mine is Cranberry and Soda with a slice of crushed lime. Very refreshing and not too sweet.

Inspiring! Thanks Celo!

What’s your vice? C’mon Spill it!

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