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Week 5 From Our Awesome 50DaysNoSugar Dream Team

Nicole writes:

I feel like I am really getting on top of this “no sugar” thing!  Another wedding this week and I think it went more smoothly than last time..  Protein, vegetables, salad and plenty of it – no sauces or dressings.  And fruit and fresh cream for dessert.  I didn’t even feel like I was missing out.  I did have seconds of the fetta and olives though – but hey, not a bad achievement when you’re at a wedding and there’s plenty of yummy sweet desserts on display.
The wedding seemed to be easy to conquer but there were two other challenging situations this week.  First, there was the way overdue and promised cooking with my 3 year old… So hard not to taste test your fresh cake as it comes out of the oven L.  I had one small bite and felt satisfied with that.  The hardest part was not to unconsciously dip my finger in the batter as we mixed all the ingredients together as we often add extras and alter the recipe as we go.
The second challenge this week was “the flu”.  My kids have both been sick and freely shared there germs with me.  I had one really sick day and like most times when I am sick, I craved junk food and sweets.  This was the toughest and found myself wanting deep fried comfort food and biscuits… But, I did resist and allowed myself extra fruit on this day just to get through.
With myself and the kids being sick, exercise was pretty much non-existent.  I felt like I needed more rest than anything else.  Some yummy snacks I have been having include: ryvita biscuits with avocado, ham and feta cheese, multigrain wrap with fried chorizo, avocado, grated cheese, spinach leaves and multigrain mustard (Yum!), and my breakfast this morning was egg, ham, mushroom (with a small bit of butter in pan) with spinach leaves.
I also know that my shape has changed – not sure of my weight in numbers (I’ve never been one to jump on the scales much!).  All my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to fit and I know that I just feel a lot more comfortable.
So, if you haven’t already decided to give the 50DaysNoSugar Challenge a go, come and have a look at the websiteand Facebook page  There are plenty of hints and suggestions on there and you can purchase your plan and be on your way to feeling  fantastic too!!

Sara writes:

Week 5 of the 8 weeks of 50 Days No Sugar is done. 
As much as I feel I’m struggling with accepting some of the restrictions  of the program I’m finally finding that substitutions are actually quite easy to implement. 
I had a lemon lime & bitters at lunch the other day & I couldn’t drink it. The sweetness of the lemonade was too much. So now I order sparking mineral water instead. I have alway considered the LL&B to be a sometimes beverage, however this one made be realise that sparking water is a little bit fancy & a great substitution for a going out drink. 

I have cut out balsamic vinegar entirely now (the delicious & low fat dressing contains loads of sugar). I am also finding that so long as I keep my protein levels high & avoid low fat dairy I’m feeling fuller longer, and not reaching for the mid afternoon snack. 

This week I made the yummy meat balls from the 7 day menu – they were so delicious that even my 15 month old enjoyed nibbling on them. 
My training & exercise program’s are back on track & the scales have shown me an additional 1kg down. At week 5 I have lost about 2.5kg. Which although I mentioned a few weeks ago that weight loss is not a major focus for me it is still lovely to see the scale dropping! 

Paula writes:

I don’t know what it is about this time around in the 50DaysNoSugar Challenge, but it seems the universe (and my body) keep trying to test me. First, it was a nasty bout of food poisoning that wiped me out for a few days and now, thanks to a HIIT session on the treadmill last night, I have an injured hamstring.

When I was overweight, food was my drug.  It was my go to in all situations… happy, sad, bored… whatever. Now, 40 odd kilos later, that drug has been replaced by a new one… exercise. On a day where I am feeling irritated or down, I suck it up and get to the gym knowing that once I start sweating, whatever I am feeling will be sweat right out of my body. And it works. So I find myself in a difficult position. Not able to exercise the way I want, or need to, for I don’t know how long. BUT this doesn’t mean that I can’t exercise at all. Because if I don’t exercise at all, it will mess with my emotions and guess which little friend is going to want to make a reappearance in my life? You guessed it, SUGAR!! But am I going to let that happen? No way Jose’! I am going to tailor my workouts to what I can do. Even when my leg went ‘ping’ last night, I got off, got on the foam roller then worked out what upper body work I could do that wouldn’t engage my hamstring too much. Old Paula would’ve just gone home. But new Paula has goals and is on a mission. If I continue to go to the gym and find a way to work out that still makes me feel good, I will continue to eat well and continue to be successful in this challenge. I am already miserable with a sore leg, so there is no point compounding that by being miserable with a body full of sugar now is there?

I did have a win on the weekend though that I am VERY proud of. We were invited to a friend’s place for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. Drinks? No biggie – I don’t drink. But dinner was to be, wait for it…. Pizza! It instantly struck fear into me. But, I knew I had to find a way to outsmart said pizza. I offered to do a nibbles platter. I had 6 different types of fresh raw veggies for dipping, fresh ham, gluten free tamari rice crackers and organic, gluten free dips that were all low in sugar and acceptable on the plan. Granted I could have made my own dips but time didn’t permit. I even popped a little bowl of mini bocconcini on the platter for a little added protein. It looked amazing. So fresh and vibrant with all the fresh veggies and the platter got demolished. What amazed me though is that the first thing to go was the veggies! When you give people a healthy option, chances are they will go for it. I made myself a protein smoothie a la Nat’s 50DaysNoSugarChallenge 7 Day Plan before we went so I wasn’t starving, nibbled on veggies and ham and guess who didn’t even have a single bite of pizza? WIN!!
So yes, life will throw things that you that you don’t expect but the true test is how you deal with them. Friends will invite you over and you will go out for dinner but it doesn’t mean the end of the world or the end of your sugar free life. Ask what’s for dinner, offer to bring something, Google the restaurant and scour the menu…. Be prepared! And these days, restaurants are so used to people with allergies and intolerance’s and they are terrified of law suits so tell them you are allergic to something and no doubt they will accommodate you. Being sugar free doesn’t mean a life filled with plain and boring food and not being able to go out. It just means a little extra time thinking, assessing and planning… but it is so worth it!
So if you want to feel in control and have a nice flat tummy then join the challenge. You will be grateful that you did!

Until next week!

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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