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What It Really Feels Like On A Juice Detox

What It Really Feels Like On A Juice Detox

Let’s just say it’s been on my to-do list.

Yep, I run a weird ship. Who puts DETOX on their to-do list?

Um…no one

I had let life run me, it was time to chill out, feel hungry and get my mojo back.

I trailed Schkinny Maninny  juice and salad detox over a 3 day period. 4 green (mostly) juices with a dinner (vegetarian) salad, delivered straight to your front door. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m about to share what it really feels like on a juice detox!

Watch my clips from over the 3 days




What they say:

“During the program you get 6 fresh juices/soups/smoothies made from fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, delivered fresh every day for your 3 or 5 day program. The 6 juices each day meet your daily energy requirements, containing about 1700 calories across the day (including natural fats, carbs and proteins). The juices are designed to be had in a specific order based on your digestion patterns, and each juice has certain cleansing, healing, protective and regenerative properties from its all natural ingredients.

Schkinny Nutritional juices are 500mls each, and they contain a range of different fruit and vegetables – anything from apples, oranges, melons, cucumber, spinach, parsley, mint, lentils, beetroot, lemons, almonds, linseeds, cashew nuts and everything in between!

You only have these juices, herbal teas and lots of water. Each day we also give you a little container of seeds to chew on (this will get your jaws moving so you don’t miss chewing too much!)”

What Nat says:

“I don’t ever look at a detox as a long term weight loss solution. Ok, yes I lost a few kilos but unless you follow the regime continuously you shouldn’t expect to keep it off. It’s a restart option- A boost for those feeling sluggish and in need of a shake up. Detoxing is a break for your digestive system and the time to mentally and physically simply chill and dream of every food under the sun you will eat after your detox! It’s unpleasant at times and extremely gratifying also. It’s a pure test of willpower and the only way to get through it is to embrace the hell out of it! No booze, sugar, meat, dairy, coffee or processed food…no food really for that matter. I was impressed with the juice and salad option as I felt most people would be able to complete without much distress.”

The verdict

I feel good, actually I feel great! That flat tummy feeling is worth bottling and sure does wonders for your psyche. Am I busting to eat? You bet ya! Will I? Absolutely but in moderation. My actual drive to eat is lower than usual, that’s what generally happens when you don’t really eat loads for 3 days. I’ve noticed my portioning of food is better too. I’ve done many detoxes before in this (juice in a bottle delivered to your door version) and I’d say it’s my favourite so far. The salad option was a winner for me! I’m really keen to add this in to my life every 3 months or so, even a full day of green juices 1-2 per month. The biggest drawback is just the withdrawal symptoms and the lack of exercise you can maintain during detox mode but really you are missing the point if you want to “slam yourself” with exercise when you are detoxing- it’s so counter productive.

*Product was gifted  

Have you tried a juice detox or similar? How did you go?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I have never done a juice detox however at the moment i am feeling tired, sluggish and can not stop eating. This may be what my body needs a general re-boot.

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