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What’s In My Gym Bag (August)

What’s In My Gym Bag (August)

There are zero old smelly protein shakers or tupperware containers, no sweat soaked towels and definitely no pongy socks- it’s just good stuff that I’m loving right now!

Let’s delve into my gym bag and see what i’m diggin’

BAG: State Of Escape Tote

MooGoo Shea Sorbet

Dry lips aren’t even in my realm since switching up my beauty products to natural “green” options.  I tried this MooGoo shea sorbet in a recent review of Good Green Box  and fell in love with the lip feel and lime scent! It’s a goody if you suffer from dry, chapped lips and can also be used on heels and elbows.



Nike Leg-A-See Tights

I adore these long tights, especially during the cooler months. They come in a variety of prints (depending what country you are in) and I’ve experienced them to be really long lasting, comfy, breathable and tights that stay put. I always get compliments when I wear these. Try Nike stores, The Iconic and ASOS. Great price at under $50!



Copper Geo travel mug/flask

Because I need coffee on the run, this is stylish and perfect for my early mornings. It has a great slim line feel to it so easily fits into your hand, bag or car cup holders. Only $10 at Kmart (aka Cheap homeware heaven!)


Spill, what’s in your gym bag right now? 

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