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Why Every Diet Is NOT Created Equal

We are ALL different, in more ways than one! 

Many people believe if you follow a certain diet or macro nutrient breakdown (if you want to get all fancy) plan you will successfully drop fat and the kilos will melt off your body. This is not always the case and I’m going to share with you why. 

Fat loss doesn’t have to be hard you just need to find the strength to persist!
1. Not all diets work the same for separate individuals. Put simply we are all different to our friend, neighbour and our work colleague. Whilst many believe this is a bogus theory other professionals have had great success with this type of plan. It’s called Metabolic Typing and was made popular yonks ago by Wolcott & Fahey. According to these guys, depending on there questionnaire and your answers a person may be more suited to a higher carb diet, featuring grains than say a person who feels at their peak eating a higher protein diet. Your food choices are basically reflected by your body type. Science however would still tell us energy in vs energy out. Personally I feel it has merit and it may be an option of you struggle with results. Go and get a DEXA scan and find your optimal calorie balance. We however are not robots, calories in vs calories out sounds plain and simple yet putting it into place can be a challenge for some. 

2. It’s been said up to 70% of people are intolerant to grains. So even if your aren’t a celiac or gluten intolerance, you could still benefit from reducing your grains. Many people achieve excellent results by tweaking the grain element of their diet. I did! Whilst carbs are essential, you don’t necessarily need all the whites (pasta, rice, bread, sugar) in your diet. Sweet potatoes pack a great carb punch and so does my friend quinoa (technically a pseudo grain or a seed). Remove grain but NOT total carbs, that’s just plain silly. You NEED energy. 

3. You cannot keep your calories the same throughout your weight loss journey. I have many people who I work with online that have been following what they thought was a successful diet plan only to get to the point where their body will not for go any extra kilos. It’s important to monitor your weight loss an change your intake the second it doesn’t yield results for you. Many of my clients find that 1200 calories will yield results for a few weeks, then hunger strikes and energy levels dip. You can’t survive on minimal calories for your fat loss journey.  

4. Understand you can train your body to use different energy systems for fuel. It’s really about overall calorie consumption. An obese client will benefit from a restricted carb intake however an athlete of optimal composition will struggle without carbs. 

5. Many people believe they have to follow the dietary guidelines. This system is system is outdated, generic and is generally funded by big corporations with their best interests at heart not yours or your waist line. Their “data”/research is undertaken to make their product come out on top. This has been happening for years and in many countries. It’s your job to educate yourself and try different methods.

6. Shouldn’t I just take all the fat out of my diet, surely I’ll lose fat that way. Yes this is the typical understanding however the low body fat these people aim for isn’t manageable, healthy or something easy to maintain. You require at minimum of 40-60g of fat per day for normal bodily functions. Do you want dry skin, flaky nails, pimply breakouts and reduced brain function? Following a diet low in fat can do this to you.

7. There is no maintenance phase or people quit before one has been pit in place. As I said above you don’t just eat 1200 calories for the rest of your life and hey presto you have an awesome body. You need to introduce more calories back into your diet to fully succeed and maintain your body fat and weight.
I believe this is the most common forgotten stage of succeeding at transforming.

8. Essentially a lifestyle change is needed. Can you really go without chocolate for the rest of your life? I mean really? Never eat it again? No! It’s ridiculous and WRONG to believe you won’t ever eat a “bad” food again. That’s why we balance the good and the bad. We have cheat meals and even cheat days when you reach maintenance phase of your weight loss plan. 

9. Your body fat and weight will change if you don’t follow a healthy eating plan once you have changed your body. If you don’t exercise/train your muscles will lose strength/power/bulk. Keeping your body in tip top shape requires commitment. You can’t afford to slip back into your old habits that sure you pile the kilos on previously. Be aware of the amount of exercise it took to get to your goal, you are more than likely going to need to keep that up plus make your workouts fresh, fun and evolving. Doing the same lunge, squat and push exercises won’t be beneficial to your body as it was in the beginning. You should add variation in your exercises as well as sets/reps/rest.

10. You follow your favourite fitness athletes diet because she/he looks amazing. How can that diet fail?   Many fitness athletes aren’t personal trainers or nutrition experts they have coaches/PTs they work with. Check out their qualifications first. Yes they may have smoking bodies but a lot go to “dirty” measures to get those bodies. Smoking cigarettes to help when they diet to starve off hunger, fat burners filled with caffeine, extremely low fat diets, protein supplements filled with fillers, fake sugars and manufactured ingredients. Their images are during shows/competition season, they don’t look like that all the time. Competition ends, the bodyfat goes up until it starts again next round. The body wont respond the same way (with regards to fat loss) each time. It’s a tough gig. Again yes they appear to look great on the outside but what’s going on internally?

11. You could still eat 3 big macs a day and be within calories. The problem is the protein, fat and carb ratios would totally be out. Also the nutrient level, not to mention salt and processed ingredients will do your body no favors. Watch Supersize Me to see the detrimental side effects, if you haven’t already. It’s important to choose quality over quantity.

12. Nutrition research is always changing. New diets are constantly splashed across our tv screens, magazines and spoken about across online fitness forums. Do your homework and sift through the information. Keep visiting reputable sites (like this one!) and follow advice from experienced, well researched individuals. Experts I regard highly: Poliquin, Chek, some great articles on T-Nation and the Girls Gone Strong,  Your “friend” doesn’t necessarily know the ins and outs of the nutrition world just because she spoke to someone who is a friend of a friend mums personal trainer uncle who said so.

13. Diets will not do the work of an exercise plan. Yes you need to have your diet tight as it’s 70-80% of the weight loss puzzle however that still leaves 20-30% left for the magic of exercise to play it’s role. If you have fallen for the trap that Geoff Jowlett sets up with his “BodyTrim” program: “You don’t need exercise to achieve results, all your muscle is simply sitting under your body fat”. Whilst not a complete lie, your muscle still needs to be built and utilised. Someone with a higher muscle content will burn more calories at rest then the person with minimal muscle tone. Especially if your are serial dieter you will need to stop resisting and start adding some weight training and cardio exercise into your life. Your body shape will change dramatically if an effective eating plan is coupled with training. It makes perfect sense to give your body all the help in needs right? And who doesn’t love seeing a tight round butt or flexing their arm in mirror? Don’t deny it! Will all like being tight! You should aim to look good naked after those clothes hit the floor.

14. It’s OK to rotate your eating plan. Reducing grains may work for a while but you may find your fat loss comes to a stand still. That’s your bodies way of being super efficient at holding on to it’s fat stores. It doesn’t like being deprived. It really, really hates it. You will need to change things up with your food types and calories plus your exercise. Most of you have experienced that 6-8 week feeling amazing with your new eating and exercise plan then BOOM nothing happens for a few weeks. It’s important to remember when this happens it’s time to change your workouts and your eating. The “meat heads” and fitness freaks love that saying “Train insane or remain the same”. It’s definitely true when it comes to fat loss. You may find simply changing the time you eat your meals helps switch things up. Increasing calorie consumption (ah the joy!) can also re-set your fat burning furnace.  Just do what works! 

15. Lastly, lose your negative, shitty attitude. It’s really the tool that will get you over the finish line. Be positive, use affirmations and set goals regularly. If you need to tell your friends daily on Facebook then do it or if you need to stare at girls with hot bodies to stop you eating cake, then be my guest! Do what works for you. The power of the mind is a freaky thing, EVERY single person has that mind power, you just need to tap into it. 

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  1. Awesome article!!! I reckon one of the most important things I’ve learnt from you is to make sure to eat enough fat and calories.

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