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Winter Fitness Fashion Essential’s

Don’t fight it, winter is here! You aren’t seriously going to let your butt droop and your fitness dwindle, are you? OF COURSE NOT. Let’s rug up and keep those bodies moving, you sexy thing!
Here are 8 of my winter fashion faves. 
Starting with a vital component to a chilly winter’s morning, especially for my New Outlook Fitness girls and their early morning sessions, The Hoodie: 
Clockwise from left 

I often struggle to find a decent looking long sleeve top, there are so many daggy ones! Thankfully the following didn’t let me down. The thing I also love about these tops is you can easily take them with a pair of black leggings and head out to coffee after your workout.

Clockwise from left:

1. Blue Signal mezzo Long Sleeve, Nike 

2. Swiftly tech Long Sleeve Scoop Lululemon (I’ll forgive them for their “Fat girls shouldn’t wear our tights” comment!)

3. Love Dolman Crew, Running Bare

4. Paisley Judo Long Sleeve, The Upside

So, what’s your favourite? Have you purchased any good buys for winter, share them below!

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