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Solo meals for busy ladies

Cooking for one isn’t always fun and adventurous. You tend to just grab and go and eat because you have to rather than for any enjoyment. We are damn BUUUSY! I’m going to need you to put down the cereal bowl because CEREAL AIN’T DINNER. Let’s change that girlfriend, here’s some simple options you can put together in mere moments.

Falafel’s, quinoa tabouli and tomatoes- all purchased last minute from the supermarket shelves and frozen section.

HOT TIP! Don’t do the work when you don’t have to! Pre made salads/meals can easily be your go-to. You are busy, so make use of fresh convenience on offer at your local supermarket or green grocer. We are lucky to have heaps more healthy choices at the shops these days.

HOT TIP! Think of a theme/country and base your meal around that. Here I’ve done a Japanese theme and then just build a meal around that. Fried chicken (like katsu) from the freezer section in the supermarket, slaw (for veggie and crunch), soy may dressing (comes with the salad) and then pickled ginger and seaweed. Easy! Again, don’t shy away from convenience (freezer goods can be a life saver).

HOT TIP! If you can make one main meal (say a chilli for instance or even as simple as grilling some chicken and storing it in the fridge/freezer) you’ll be able to morph it into a few different meals but only have to meal prep the one “main meal”. This is chilli con carne, on a bed of brown rice with slaw, guac and zingy lime. I can then turn this into nachos, serve it on its own or over a sweet potato. See! Many uses for the one main meal.

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